Umbra Rimorchi was founded in 1976 by three partners who started producing trailers and tow bars for cars. After more than 30 years in business Umbra Rimorchi has now one owner and has become a leader in the towbar’s market. Its products, that count a range of towbars for every car model and commercial vehicle, are sold all over Italy and now they are also exported both in Europe and in the rest of the world. Umbra Rimorchi was the first Italian company in its field to be certified with the Quality Certification Iso 9001


The constant improvement in the company’s manufacturing process and its innovation in terms of products have become the key to our success. The market is challenging for us and therefore we focus everyday on innovation and information technology. Umbra Rimorchi uses the most up-to-date technologies. Before producing the towbars it follows a precise procedure. Firstly it designs its products using CAD drawing and solid modelling program. Secondly the structure of every product is verified and it undergoes various types of analysis of the finished elements (FEM models). Finally it proceeds in prototyping. There is constant dialogue between the planning and the production departments and this enables our technicians to create new products and to improve the already existing ones. Our main goal is to search for new materials and new manufacturing processes without compromising the strength, reliability and safety of the products. Every prototype undergoes severe testing before being manufactured and are produced according to the EU Regulations.


In the last few years Umbra Rimorchi has begun to cooperate with some of the most important research centres throughout Europe with the aim to reach high quality design standards, high quality production and maintain low costs. Our plant of about 6000 square metres is located in Perugia in the industrial area, near the airport, easy to reach and not far from Rome and Florence.