Our company for many years has been the leading Italian manufacturer of towbars for cars and commercial vehicles and can rely on a network of technicians and distributors widespread and deeply well-established throughout the territory.

It has always been synonymous of quality and reliability and benefits of the respect of the customers thanks to the high level service offered constantly in time.

Only recently the company, has opened up towards the international scenario and thanks to the gradual improvement in the logic of production and business processes, has been able to achieve in a very short time outstanding results.

Today Umbra Rimorchi exports more then 50% of its turnover, registering an increase of over 1600% in the last two years. The brand is present throughout Europe, North Africa, The Middle East and Japan and each day new partnership are created.

Over the last year Umbra Rimorchi has set up warehouses in three different countries, who will be joined by   three more in the next few months and in a very short time Umbra Rimorchi will start distributing overseas, in Australia and South America.

Precisely because of the strong expansion abroad it has been created a new independent brand “UR tow bars” green in color, which soon began to establish itself in Italy and is now our main product identifier.